01/12/13 by Stan Coetzee

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill in South Africa

If your looking to save money on your energy bills, there are lots of simple and effective ways to do this. For a start, simply switching off a light when you leave the room can help to save money over the course of a year. Not many people realise how much electricity they are consuming unnecessarily. Leaving you TV in standby actually uses more power than when its in use so remember to always turn appliances off at the source when not in use. Leaving a phone charger plugged in and switched on at the mains draws the same power as when the phone is actually charging so again, remember – turn off at the source! 

save money on your electricity bill in south africa

You can also save on your overall electricity consumption by following manufactures energy efficiency ratings when purchasing new appliances for your home. Always pay particular attention to fridges and freezers as these appliances will be in consistent use within your home. Most appliances have an energy efficiency rating and usually rates from A through to F – A being the most energy concious. Paying a little more for a A rated appliance could mean you save a fortune in the long run so work out your costs before purchasing. The same goes for light bulbs within your home. Replacing old, power draining bulbs may seem like a big cost at first but the overall cost savings will be high as well as the better impact on the environment and overall life span of the bulb itself. 

Other ways to save money on electricity are to look at solar powered hot water heating. These state of the art geysers utilise a solar panel installed on you roof to capture the suns energy and turn it into useful power! Again, the initial outlay is bigger but the cost benefits over time are fantastic! 

01/12/13 by Stan Coetzee

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